Wednesday, May 4, 2011

T-Shirt Idea: Goodbyes Are a Bitch

Last night I finally worked up the courage to watch Michael Scott's last episode of "The Office"- and I was right to put it off!! I wept profusely!! I'm talking Dobby's Death Scene level of weeping- through at least half of the show! And I was alone when I watched it- so it was ugly crying! No dignity whatsoever- flat out balling!!!

And then today, I was watching "The Larry Sanders Show" on Netflix streaming- and I reached that show's series finale!! First of all, it's a BRILLIANT show and if you've got Netflix streaming you can watch all six seasons online (like I did in the past month or so) and then you too can get all choked up when you bid farewell to Larry, that scary-lovable sidekick Hank, and Artie! Oh, Larry's producer Artie!!! Thank God I have our producer Mr. Snodbottom!!

All this is to say that I am EMOTIONALLY SPENT!! And also Tyler if you're reading this could you bring some more tissues to my office. This time I really do need them because I'm crying (I swear!) And now- I have to find a new show to watch!! Oh Michael- Goodbyes ARE a bitch!!!!

I'll miss you Larry! I'll miss you Michael!! (Michael please come back when "The Office" goes off for good!!! Or else I might not weep enough tears to refill the river Jordan!)

P.S. In 50 years when our show ends (or when the internet is shut off and/or podcasts are no longer a thing) you know there will be tears!!! Long, long, very lengthy clip packages and TEARS!

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