Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Excellence Award: Best TV, Best Actress, Best Everything

Hello, hello, hello! There was NOTHING better on TV this year (or any year probably) than the comeback of "The Comeback" on HBO. This show is somehow incredibly funny while also being as riveting as any drama out there. I cannot look away! 

I am getting pre-pissed off that Lisa Kudrow will be passed over for an Emmy- (and that 'Modern Family' will steal the Comedy Series award away too!) while I stand firm in my assertion that THIS IS THE BEST PERFORMANCE EVER GIVEN ON TELEVISION. And that Valerie Cherish is one of the greatest characters ever created. 

I just can't overemphasize the brilliance of both seasons of this show!! There aren't enough EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, JUST WOW!!!!!!!!! How about that finale!!?!?!?! Nearly weeping thinking about it!!!!!!!! 

For more on "The Comeback,"  read this article which gets it just about right: "Give Lisa Kudrow ALL the awards

2014 Excellence Award: Best TV (Daytime)

She's BACK baby! (Let's hope she STAYS baby!) I think Rosie's in for the long haul, and I pray to the TV gods that she is, for every day "The View" acts as a Hot Topics-filled balm to my soul! And you gotta give it up, cuz all 4 ladies are truly great! Whoopi and Rosie together on daytime everyday! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!

Also, fireworks constantly as every news item is incredibly controversial and elicits so many opposing views! For all this a more- The View wins the Excellence Award for Best TV (Daytime)! 

2014 Excellence Award: Best Music

Only minutes before the year ended, Madonna was forced to release 6 songs from her upcoming album due to the acts of some heinous hackers. Luckily for all involved the six songs were better than any other songs released in 2014 and so they captured the Excellence Award at the last second! 

I also want to go ahead an pre-give the 2015 Excellence Award for Best Album to Madonna's "Rebel Heart" (since its win is obvious already). Pre-order now and get 6 tracks! I only wish the physical cd were out already so I could do a signing at Hanky's Books and Bait! #unapologeticbitch #livingforlove #bitchimmadonna 

2014 Excellence Award: Best Podcast

Some may consider it gauche to give the award to yourself, but to those people I would say, "You must not have heard this award worthy podcast!" If the Peabody committee refuses to acknowledge genius, then we will do it our own damn selves! 

Don't tell me you missed the big Xmas special??? Don't worry, it will be rerun into the ground for years. Yes this podcast really put out 50+ excellent shows in 2014, so SUCK IT SERIAL, this is the show for the ages! Just wait and see which show our future alien overlords prefer! 

2014 Excellence Awards: Best Internet Thing

Hulu counts as internet right? In any case, ELVIRA the one and only queen of Halloween returned to skewer a new batch of old movies for 13 episodes! For this she earns the 2014 Excellence Award for Best Internet Thing! 

Can Elvira's return be a yearly thing? Can this be a monthly thing? Can Elvira get her own daily talk show? Can there be a channel that shows nothing but things with Elvira in them? (For that I'd pay the unholy gods of cable TV the blood sacrifices they demand). 

2014 Excellence Awards: Acting in a Motion Picture

Obviously it goes to Jake Gyllenhaal in "Nightcrawler"! If you've not seen it I don't even want to talk. Jake is a crazy, cookoo freelance video journalist with no scruples! 

How many Oscars should Jake win for "Nightcrawler"? 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Show - A Very Hillbilly Willy Christmas!

We're terrified this holiday season by a certain demon possessed pig farmer!! Who knew he could turn up in his off-season? 

Feel the fear and the cheer in "Hillbilly Willy 7: A Very Hillbilly Willy Christmas*"! Listen in the box over on the right or download from jolly old iTunes. 

*full title for future Smithsonian archivists

Monday, December 15, 2014


I just found my spirit animal. It's John Candy as Divine. 

These are screen shots from a Christmas episode of "SCTV" which can be found on youtube. That's Catherine O'Hara on the left of me up there. Put watching this on your holiday MUST list- if you're anyone who knows anything!!! 

Happy Holidays.