Monday, December 30, 2013

Is It Still Christmastime?

Is it still the Christmas season? It's a hot subject you can feel free to put up for debate! After you've sorted it out between your family and friends, refer to the chart below: 

A) if you answered YES it is still the Christmas season:
You can listen to any of the 5 Christmas shows we released (or in some cases rereleased) on iTunes, your iDevice, or over on the right in the Podbean player. Then do part B below. 

B) if you answered NO Christmas is over:
Listen, click, or download our new New Year's Eve show over on the right!  

Have a happy holiday season until it's over! 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Proposed New Tradition: "Designing Women" at Christmas

I'm suggesting that every family add one new Christmas tradition this year, and IT MUST BE THIS ONE! Here's why: 

For no reason other than Holiday Cheer Itself, I chose to dial up a "Designing Women" Christmas episode on the old Youtube. (Links: Part One  Part Two) At first I merely admired the great volume of holiday decor at the Sugarbaker Design Firm. Then I felt kinship with the huge fat pig Suzanne had been given by her maid for Christmas. 

But Wait- There's More!!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Merry Monday!

By my calculations, there are just 3 Mondays left before Christmas- including today!!! 

So get out there and make merry or however you want to make okay- just make it special! I've become your "Hill Street Blues" desk sergeant suddenly- but for candy cane's sake- BE MERRY OUT THERE!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

We're on Instagram

You can find one more fat blob instagramming food pics on Instagram (on your phone, don't ask me how to get there I don't know how these things work).

If you want to see 10,000 pics of Xmas trees you can follow us @cliffandkendall on instagram or if you are reading this on the computer at the library you can see some of our pics HERE!