Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best Performances of '08

In our next podcast Kendall and I carefully dissect every moment of 2008, but we neglected to say our favorite performances of the year.

Needless to say, Heath Ledger's Joker was the best thing since . . . Jack Nicholson's Joker at the very least. When he was not on screen I constantly thought "Where's Joker?? What's Joker doing? Has anyone seen the Joker??" just like I always do for Poochy the rockin' dog. In fact, during the entirety of "Eagle Eye" I was wondering what the old Joker was up to.

Meryl Streep is GOD! She can do anything! "Doubt" is enjoyable for everyone's performances but "Streep is the new Messiah" will be on my Christmas cards next year! "I have such . . . doubts!!!!!" No DOUBT about it she's the entertainer of the millenium.

Was there a funnier person on screen in double-naught-eight than James Franco in "Pineapple Express"? No, dude!!! Spark up a doobie and watch some weird shit in Youtube until next week when the movie hits dvd! A++

Tina Fey is to thank for Obama!!! Yes SHE Can!!! I'm sorry Sarah Palin will be buried under a snow drift for the next 100 years for only one reason: no more Tina Fey as Sarah Palin!

The Bird Carrie wore on her head in her first attempt at marrying Big easily fits in with my top 3 birds of all time (the other two being Woodstock and Channel 4's Snowbird). Best Bird/Hair Ornament/Conversation Piece of the decade!!!

What were your faves???

New Years!!

The above video is the beautiful Anderson Cooper and the effervescent Kathy Griffin talking about their New Years Eve on CNN special airing tonight! They are hilarious together and should be watched!!

Also LOOK OUT! Our New Year's podcast will be out before Friday to chow down on! We wouldn't forget about you!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

New Episode- At the Beach!!

Well, Christmas is over- and what better way to celebrate than with an all new show!!!

This week we come to you from real beaches in California and Florida! Things You Should Know, and tips from Mrs. Potterbutter Butterchurn abound in this very SASSY show- it's sunny and full of oily cabana boys! Take that Pope!! Don't worry- Kendall brought his dinger along!

Keep Christmas with You

Above is some english teenager singing the WONDERFUL "Keep Christmas With You" from Sesame Street. Kendall and I are definitely bummed that the season is over, but will soldier on- especially since when you get older Christmas seems to come sooner and sooner every year. And you get balder and fatter, but I digress.

So if you prefer the REAL Muppet version you can link to it from the Youtube page this kid's version appears on. But embedding was disabled. How Un-Christmassy! Must have been Oscar.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Podcast Schedule

It's Christmas time and time for a . . . Podcast!!

Check out what we've got under the tree for you this Yuletide season:

Up Now: 2nd Annual Christmas Spectacular!
This show is sassy and spicier than your Aunt Petunia's Egg Nog- we get heated over the whole Nog situation, and bicker over gift-wrapping (just like your family's Holiday Dinner!) add in some songs, Bad Christmas Jokes, and Things You Should Know: Christmas Edition and bake for 39 minutes at 350 degrees!

Coming Friday: Cliff and Kendall Save Christmas!
An All-New Christmas Special that "pays homage" to Rudolf, Charlie Brown, and all the other Christmas classics by telling the story of how WE saved Christmas!! Including kidnapped Santa, Sister Fudge's All Night Fudge Shop, Frequent Guest Star Alan, and an unwanted glut of salsa-makers! NOT TO BE MISSED!

Friday 12/12: A Christmas Home Companion
If you loved Thanksgiving- get a load of Christmas! We againn rip off, er, pay tribute to Garrison Keillor and crew with this heart-felt music/joke/wisecrack-a-thon!

Friday 12/19: The Christmas Pageant
Songs and stories of Christmas to get you ready for the Big Day! O Little Town of Cliff and Kendall, how much we love the podcast!

All this and more (Christmas cartoons are coming soon to the blog!!) this Yuletide with Cliff and Kendall!