Monday, December 31, 2007


hey all y'all

we just wanted to let you know that tomorrow we kick off our new blog about FOOD. (the subject we are most schooled in). will house a complete record of what we eat every day in 2008!! learn about us, what we eat, why we eat it, and how we crap it out (ha! not really, well . . . maybe).


PS- and we have a new mini-cast UP NOW to be followed by a full length episode later this week!
our xmas vacation was good, although it's nice to be back. how was yours?
coming up next time:
2007 in ReviEw!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

!!!!!!!!!!!!Christmas Spectacular!!!!!!

Merry Christmas to All!
This week Cliff and Kendall are serving up a big heaping batch of steaming Christmas cheer.

Discussed this week:
Santa Claus
Cliff and Kendall's worst gifts ever
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
The Golden Compass
Atheism pertaining to The Golden Compass

As you can see there is no button too hot for us to push!! We ain't afraid to go there bitches.

Said the little lamb to the shepard boy: Listen to Cliff and Kendall: Coast to Coast

Wishing you all the joys of this holiday season, with love, Cliff and Kendall

Friday, December 14, 2007

Thanks for listening

Well, the letters (or rather e-mails) and myspace messages keep on coming in.

And we love hearing from our listeners. We are like a find dining establishment. How may we serve you? Keep the correspondance coming in- you never know if we'll answer your e-mail next week!

And for those still curious:
This is us in 2004, running for president! Unlike the other 2004 election, the good guys won this one!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

'PILOT' episode online!

Heeeeeeeyyyyy Kiiiiiiiiiiiiids!!!!!

Our pilot episode is up and ready for the listenin'! Look, it's over to your right! Chances are you are hearing it RIGHT NOW.

Things we talked about in the pilot:


the writer's strike

practicing law


bill cornelius and lavorisia films


watkins film school

janitorial work

used tampons

and more!!!

You should already be able to subscribe to us through iTunes (using the 'subscribe' button under the podcast player) and soon we will be searchable. So when people search for AMAZING we will come up!!

Hope you enjoy it and please feel free to leave us comments/suggestions/death threats/questions anything on our myspace or at

We Love You!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

First Post!

Hello out there in Internetworld! Cliff and Kendall will be beamed directly into your iPods in a matter of days (or hours if you prefer). Yes, no longer will you have to think to yourself "I wish I knew what Cliff and Kendall thought about ________." Because we'll be telling you!

Oh for real yo! If you don't have an iPod- DO NOT PANIC! I assume that podcasts are downloadable to other mp3 players as well. And also- I believe we will have some sort of apparatus set up on this page so you can listen to it streaming from your computer. I'll leave that up to Kendall- he's the technological wizard. (See Book 8, Harry Potter and the Age of Podcasting)

Yes, in a few short days the inaugural podcast will be available to the masses.

masses: (noun) the common people generally;

The first podcast episode is entitled "Pilot" and it is your introduction into the fabled, mythological world of Cliff and Kendall. It contains little known facts about us, widely known facts about us, and EVEN MORE.

And after the first episode, you better hitch your horse to the post out front because that means it's only two weeks until the Cliff and Kendall: Coast to Coast Christmas Spectacular!!!

Okay, okay I don't wanna hype this up too much. I'll just say: Move over This American Life (iTunes' most popular podcast) Cliff and Kendall are coming to town!!!!!!!!

(Did you see how many exclamation points we just used?- Eight: that's how serious we are).