Thursday, May 10, 2012

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

This week's show (Episode 237 - Coffee, Coffee, Coffee) is a special rarity! It's a brand new episode that was found as Alex and Becky cleaned out our storage closet this week! We recorded it some time ago, and well, judging by the mess in the photo above- you can tell how it got misplaced!

That being said- there are no Chubby Challenge results included this week, but fortunately for those who love to laugh at failure- we return next week to see who gained the least.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Finally it's . . .

Hola everyone! It's almost MAY (oops- it's been MAY for several hours already!) and you know what that means!!  You don't??  It means summer's almost here!! And summer is a time of tire swings, lemonade, and sipping lemonade in a tire swing with Cliff and Kendall on your ipod!

We've got some great things in store for the summer! And coming next is Friday's show: this year's Cinco de Mayo show!