Sunday, December 2, 2012

When Life Gives You Liz Lemons . . .

So sad this show is going off the air!!!!!! Although I must admit a Universe that allows us 7 seasons of a show this brilliant is a benevolent one indeed.  It's the best comedy of the last ten years (according to one source*), and is my favorite by a wide margin.

I took some pictures of the latest episode like a sad Grampa who doesn't want his baby to go off to college.

Above: Jack on the phone. We both remember when Bravo used to air operas. 

Who will fill the void in my heart when this signs off? Liz is pointing to Leslie Knope (sidenote: NBC, please don't cancel "Parks and Recreation"!!!)

Jack appears as Harriet Tubman in Tracy's dream. 

Liz in the only white dress she owns. She had a wedding dress, but during hurricane Irene she forgot to stock up on toilet paper, but remembered to stock up on seven layer dip. 

Tracy with sunscreen on. 

The totally venerable Tony Bennett cancelled an appearance at the White House as a favor to Jack.


The Universe Shouts, "Life Worth Living"

In a bold move from the Universe, in a bid to convince millions of citizens afflicted with that thing where you're depressed because it's not summer, Hollywood is releasing a Barbra Streisand movie the same day as a Bette Midler movie!

No, I did not get three wishes from a Christmas genie- this is just happening! Let's hope these movies both become trilogies.

Also, Kendalls of the Earth will enjoy the fact that Bette Midler's movie also stars Oscar host Billy Crystal.

Maybe Obama was right- is there hope after all!?!??!?!?!