Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween is Here!

For all intents and purposes, or as some might say, "For all intensive purposes" Halloween is here! If you haven't taken the opportunity to traipse down to the g****m grocery store to buy a mother-scaring pumpkin- what the hell are you waiting for???? CHRISTMAS!?!!???! !      ?

There are count'em 18 days left until the night the dead roam the earth! Use them wisely and terrifyingly.

To get you started why not take a trip to Busheltown where it's also Halloween! Download our new show "Halloween in Busheltown" to get a jolt of seasonal spirit. Grab the show over on the right or head to itunes.

*Apparently you should also be wearing a Halloween t-shirt 24/7, but that goes without saying. 

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