Sunday, September 29, 2013

Halloween Hits from Cliff and Kendall!

If you've always wanted to hear our many Halloween recordings again- you're in luck! You can't buy it from any store or summon it from any voodoo priestess BUT you can listen HERE! Click that link to relive scarifying moments in songs like: 

Ol' Hillbilly Willy
Hillbilly Willy Returns Theme
(We're Just Two) Fat Podcasters
Demon Inside (from Hillbilly Willy 4)
Toucha Toucha Touch Me (featuring our First Lady)
Witchcraft (featuring Mr. Snodbottom and Mrs. Potterbutter Butterchurn)
It's Too Late (from Hillbilly Willy Returns)
I Put a Spell on You (featuring our First Lady)
Fright Night Halloween Party Theme
Theme from Internet Halloween Party 2011
and a few more!!! 

Halloween would be incomplete without clicking THIS LINK! (Admit it!)

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