Friday, October 4, 2013

Halloween Movie Countdown! #10 House of the Devil

In honor of Halloween's quick-like-a-ghost approach, let's count something down! Why not count down the best "Halloween Movies"? Not the best Michael Myers movies, or even the best movies that are set on Halloween, but the movies I feel I should watch each Halloween season. I ranked them so that the #1 movie on the list is the absolute must-watch for Halloween, and the one I would feel the worst about if I hadn't watched before 11/1.

If we start at #10, let's go with probably the most recent movie on the list, "House of the Devil." I didn't pick this because I just watched it again or even because it features so many scenes centered around pizza. I chose this because it's SCARY! This movie will put you in the Halloween mood because very soon after it starts you begin to get creeped out by normal things like ringing phones, horny roommates, funky pizza, and of course creaky houses in the middle of nowhere.

But wait- There's more BELOW\/\/\/

The story of one girl's babysitting nightmare is set wayyy back in the 80's and that helps the movie feel like a classic the first time you watch it. It's also helps that most of the movie terrifies you far more with what you imagine will happen than with actual gore.

The movie is so 80's that screeners were sent out on VHS! 

Did I mention that there's pizza money on the fridge?? 

***On a personal note, something eerily similar happened to us one Halloween not long ago! If you care to hear our terrifying experience, listen below! 

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