Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Movie Countdown! #7 Trick 'r Treat

If you need a shot of Halloween cheer, look no further than "Trick 'r Treat"! One might come very near saying this is the ultimate Halloween movie, and if not the ultimate, it's pretty damn close. Unfolding in grand "Creepshow" tradition, the movie features several intertwining stories all set on Halloween night. I cannot oversell the very Halloweeniness of it all- if there are any scenes without at least one pumpkin I don't remember them. 

Are you beginning to understand? Pumpkins are not the only joys to be found however! The film blends comedy and horror and manages to remain unpredictable right up until the end. It also gave birth to Sam (up top) one of the up and coming new faces of Halloween! I give it 5 Pumpkins Up (out of 5). 

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