Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween on Netflix

If you're looking for ways to enjoy the Halloween season, look no further than Netflix! (Assuming you have Netflix, if you don't . . . look further!) 

For those with Netflix, Halloween is just a click away! I've spent all day watching "American Horror Story" and I'm completely terrified!!! You can stream the first season which features Jessica Lange's Emmy winning performance, and all I can say is she should have won 5 Emmys for it! But I am truly freaked OUT! 

What else is up for streaming? Andy Warhol contributed to Halloween with "Flesh for Frankenstein" and "Blood for Dracula." Both films are streaming on Netflix and both feature Joe Dallesandro (above)- one of the Official All Time Movie Hunks** (**Yes I am the official keeper of this list). 

Dracula and Frankenstein are both very weird and have some gross (and some boring) scenes. One of them has some really good nudity in it though, if you catch my drift. (Like- the really best kind you can imagine outside of something XXX). I honestly forget which one features the "whole shebang." 

If you're looking for a series, check out the genetically gifted Winchester brothers in "Supernatural"- which has 8 seasons up to stream. These boys are hot on the trail of demons and other scary creatures and also just plain hot. (Like you didn't notice, naughty readers). 

Each episode has thrills, chills, and when very lucky: shirtlessness. The show's two major influences "Buffy" and "The X-Files" are also all up on Netflix to help your Halloween! It's like you're the chosen one, but instead of being sealed inside Lucifer's tomb or having to slay vamps, you get to watch all this TV! 

Probably a lot of other things are up for steaming as well that would enhance your Halloween. This is what it looks like when I try to scroll through the horror section though. "Carrie" is available! Perhaps she used her psychic abilities to black out all the other choices? C'mon Carrie! 

Frankly after watching hours upon hours of "American Horror Story" today, I'm too freaked out to sleep, so here are some happy photos: 

Unpleasant dreams!!! 

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