Monday, October 21, 2013

You're Invited to Our Monster Party!

No RSVP necessary- you're invited to our Halloween party in which we intended to pay tribute to those great Universal Monsters! Mr. Snodbottom came as Dracula, Charles the Contractor was the world's filthiest Mummy, and well- you'll have to listen to hear what Cliff and Kendall were stuck with!

All the friendless, lonely, and sad who must have been put on the wrong list and haven't been asked to any other parties- come and party with us! We've got rye bobbing, Halloween Tips for Trick-or-Treaters from Kendall's Mother, a Halloween Etiquette Tip, and Would BOO Rather!!

Listen above, in our player on the right, or go to iTunes and download for your mp3 player! (Playing all 3 at once is recommended for a really scary party experience!) Cliff and Kendall bring the party to you!

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