Monday, October 28, 2013

Disney's Halloween Treat!

Children, when I was a wee obese lad, I often visited a video store and rented tapes to watch at home! I cannot overstate how many times I rented the vhs copy of "Disney's Halloween Treat." It didn't matter what time of year it was- I wanted that video that came in one of those really old big thick plastic boxes. None of that chintzy cardboard shit! I'd walk over to the kids' section and pretend to browse, but this is usually what I wanted. (This or the video that was a bunch of Hanna Barbera clips set to Motown music). You can watch the whole thing HERE now thanks to technology!

The whole affair is hosted by this Jack o'Lantern who introduces classic Disney clips from atop a Halloween table that must have been decorated by Martha BOO-wart herself! I love this pumpkin!

The clips are all somewhat Halloween related and feature classic characters like Donald (who just accidentally sat on an escaped gorilla). 
But wait! There's MORE . . . 

Captain Hook looks very spooky when superimposed over a cemetery! This also illustrates what a great special this really is! Now you can see why I rented it all those times in the 80's. 

Experience the terror that is Pluto with a sweater stuck on his face!

Thrill as Minnie reads a scary book! 

Okay, there are lots of great clips, including the great finale: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow! I swear I took a lot more spooky screen caps, but I'm not sure where they are. Maybe I was pressing the wrong button? There are also great clips featuring Cruella DeVille, the Siamese cats, and Mickey himself! 

Here's something that was on my desktop to help make up for the fact that I left out all the other pics I meant to show you. 

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