Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's Time for a Cliff and Kendall Cartoon!

New Hair Loss Secret

So there is a new way to stop from going bald.  Ms. Cheap, in the Nashville paper, "The Tennessean," tells of the miracle cure of ultra downy with the pink top.  Some people have grown an inch of hair where there was no hair before.  Now, don't know if it's true or not, but I got a receding hairline to fix, so count me in.  To read the full article, check this link out.

Cliff and Kendall's New Look

Since Cliff is on Sebaticle (sp?), I will try and post frequently on our blog.  Starting with a new look that I hope our listeners, as well as Cliff, will enjoy.  Our logo will change with the seasons.  Happy podcasting, ya'll.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dream on!

This week on the show (which will be up ASAP) Kendall and I discuss sleep and dreams! What do you dream of??

We have long discussions on the repurcussions of depression and impressionism. Just kidding! Its the same wacky Cliff and Kendall show you've come to love and tolerate.

Also- Bad Jokes, Things You Should Know, and DREAM INTERPRETATIONS! What do our dreams mean? Find out- this week!

Friday, August 22, 2008

This week on the show:

This week on the show- we discuss all those things that infuriate everyone about the internet! The 'crude' and the 'prude' switch roles- and you might be surprised to know that Kendall is a natural at crudeness- it's in his genes y'all!

Also- new segment "Dear Cliff and Kendall"; "Weird News" get's really weird; Bad Jokes, the Lord's Prayer, Danny Boy, Director's Commentary and more!!!

And now, the end is near . . .

Podcast ain't goin' nowhere! But constant blogging may not be as do-able.

Dry your eyes. Kendall and I still love you more than our luggage.

We will never leave you.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Like a Birthday Girl

As we all know, tomorrow The Queen of the World- Madonna- turns fifty years old! Let us take a moment and rejoice!!

Below is one of my favorite Madonna moments of all time: her Victorian era performance of Vogue from the 1990 MTV Video Music Awards. It's lip synched, but the performance was much more about pageantry and making a statement about, uh stuff, than just singing a song. (In case you were wondering, she almost always sings live now- unless her choreography calls for her to stand on her head or something).

I still very much remember watching this performance live on TV at my grandparents' house. I was 8 or 9 years old, but I was allowed to watch the awards and of course they saved Madonna until the end. And she came on and was wonderful- and our cable went out in the middle of her song. I'm sure I cried. As I would today. Watch the video and pretend you're eight- see if you grow up gay.

Happy Birthday!! Here's to fifty more years!

it's time for a Cliff and Kendall cartoon!

**click for larger**

Harry: "Wait for it . . ."

What are you going TO DO?????

We now have to wait until next JULY for the sixth Harry Potter movie! It's awful, it's sad! But at least I have more time to re-read the book- and then forget about it so it doesn't ruin my movie experience.

Oh well, you can always listen to our Olympic Podcast which is up now! Listen and I promise you will understand the photo below!

Pan Arrested! Tink Devastated . . .

Look away, Kendall!

Click HERE to read just why a crowd of protestors were arrested outside Disneyland yesterday. Many dressed as characters more beloved than those in the history books, and twice as cherished as the thousand year old religions of the world. Like Dewey or Stitch!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Well, Fuck Him

Click HERE to read an article about how Jesus' son Olympian 2daXtreme Michael Phelps eats whatever he wants because he burn 460 million calories everyday. Isn't that special.

I'd type more, but there's pizza grease all over my keyboara8d an ist mak6inh me fingrrs slippp.

it's time for a Cliff and Kendall cartoon!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

it's time for a Cliff and Kendall cartoon!

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Olympic-cast Coming Tonight!

This week on the show Kendall and I go crazy- Olympics style! It's as deep and wide as an Olympics sized pool!!

Also- learn Olympics history through "Things You Should Know" . . . and who are we kidding? There's a few moments of Olympics, but it's mostly just a rollicking sass-a-thon Cliff and Kendall style.

We go Oprah and probe feelings, we discuss everything from belching to burping- and More!! Tune in for a whale of a time- this week on 'Cliff and Kendall: Coast to Coast.'

Unabomber Says "Stay Out My Cabin!"

The unabomber is back to his letter writin' ways! Watch out though, this time he won't blow you up- just tell you off!

He objects to the inclusion of his "cabin in the woods" in the museum exhbit celebrating (?) the first 100 years of the FBI. Click HERE to read all about it and see how the cabin is being displayed.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bush Wants More Extinct Varmints

Click HERE to read a Time Magazine story about our zany President and that wacky group of officials he works with, and how they are trying to change to the Endangered Species laws.

I say "Hooray!" Who the hell needs animals??? Not me! I'm a vegetarian. I ain't eatin' 'em so let's shoot them all and wear 'em!

And who needs nature? Fuck Wilderness!! Haven't you seen the bumper sticker on my SUV? It says 'Fuck Wilderness!' It even has an exclamation point! That's how much the Idiot in Chief and I want you to get aroused and stick your meat wand into wilderness!!

Gender Bender

Click HERE to read the strange but true tale of the German Olympian from the 1980's who was once a lady, but is now a gent! Kendall and I are all for everyone being true to themselves and finding their own path- BUT- this gent had no say in the matter.

As an athlete he was unknowingly given high doses of steroids and hormones that changed his body so drastically that his only recourse was sexual reassignment. And you thought you had problems! Check out the story and the photos of before and after.

**photo taken from the great movie you should really check out "TransAmerica"**

Four Day Work Week Lifts Morale

Click HERE to read a no-brainer CNN story about the joys of a four day work week. It states some pretty new ideas like "people like to work less than most of their lives" and "there are joys to be found outside of that stuffy office." Watch out Old Beliefs! New ones, comin' through!!

On top of that, see above.

Monday, August 11, 2008

New African Podcast!

Have you heard our new episode???

It's a foray into info-tainment! And it's pretty good, if I do say so myself. Frequent Guest Star Alan (or FGSA for short) stops by and treats us to tales of his journeys in Africa! What you can expect:

poop stories
and more!

and we answer the most burning question of all: Do they know its Christmas in Africa????

Find Out!! And stay tuned for a "Seinfeld" themed version of "Things You Should Know!"

it's time for a Cliff and Kendall cartoon!

**click for larger**

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Moron Calls 911 Over Mustard

Get a load of this MEGA-IDIOT!!!

Click HERE to watch and see the story of the man who was so insanely full of rage at a Subway sandwich he called 911!! Not that I can't relate to being insanely full of rage. I can. But 911?

Call Moviefone and yell at him!

Call the Whitehouse and yell at him!

E-mail and yell at them!


2 Fat 2 Kill?

While Kendall and I harbor our own thoughts about the death penalty- one death row fatso is trying to use his girth to prove that he is too fat to die!

While he was convicted of terrible crimes, he is appealing that maybe he can't be lethally injected because it would hurt too much to die.

I'm not making judgments- just notes in case I am ever on death row and want a stay of execution!

Read about the bloated bad guy HERE.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Bus Terror

Okay, just as I am about to emark upon a sabbatical- with several planned bus trips- I read THIS.


How am I going to ride a bus for hours and hours when I am afraid of being BEHEADED??? That's the stuff of nightmares, folks. I will only sit next to peaceful looking vagrants- not the LUNATIC FRINGE.


Monsters Inc.

A weird turtle/pig/eagle hybrid has washed ashore in New York! For real! Click HERE for video!
The creature is pretty strange and right out of a Harry Potter book- although its more dead than magical unfortunately.

"Moving" Podcast

This week on the show- we tackle the prickly problem of moving out and on with our lives. Share in hilarious (?) stories from mine and Kendall's moves and learn to let go for yourself.

Also- Bad Jokes (watch out Pope! these are full of sass!); Things You Should Know (questions about Jesus' miracles, "Friends" guest stars, and Native Americans!); & Media Minute!!

Three things to look out for:

A) Kendall's impassioned defense of Jay Leno

B) Fred Astaire-bashing

C) Technical Difficulties & Commercial Breaks!

Hitch your wagon to our train- it's Moving Day!