Friday, October 26, 2012

Hillbilly Willy 4

This year, Cliff and Kendall are once again drawn back to the North Busheltown Woods and must face one of the top four scariest moments of their lives!  Ghosts, Nuns, and Orphans.  Spooooooky.  Listen on the right or at iTunes by searching   "Cliff and Kendall"

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Success Tip #2

As a young Tom Cruise once put it, "Sometimes you just gotta say what the f***."

My real point is you should say that (what's in quotation marks above) and spend the day watching Roseanne Halloween episodes.


. . . and the worms have eaten me. Yeah, that's probably my favorite one. 


(click the photo for a closer inspection)

Question: Doesn't Beetlejuice-era Alec Baldwin look like a shorter, hairier Ryan Gosling? 

Answer: Yes.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Success Tip #1

Halloween Success Tip #1:

Spend all your money on the Halloween versions of things! Satan knows I have!  For instance, buy and then ingest a Halloween version of donut holes!  They taste like pure sugar- so they're normal and haven't had a flavor modification. Admittedly, I ate probably fifteen and threw the rest out the window as I drove home from the grocery store. (Stray dogs cheered no doubt when they sniffed 'em out on the roadside.)

Also, why not say, "F*** my Roth IRA- I'll buy some Halloween yogurt!" I said just that and was never happier than during the 90 seconds it took me to eat Frankenstein's official dairy product. If regular yogurt has live cultures, does Halloween yogurt have undead cultures?*

It's also okay to enjoy Halloween editions of products you always get anyway. I felt a terrifying tingle upon my spine when I pulled this Netflix envelope from my mailbox.

Oh and yeah- Oreos too!! You may want to sit down, because I ate all the Oreos. (Probably in one sitting, but who can remember?)

*Warning to hack comedians: Don't steal this hilarious observation!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Hillbilly Willy is Back!

If you're one of the tiny, dust mote-sized minority of Cliff and Kendall fans who haven't caught up with the past three Hillbilly Willy Halloween specials- look no further! Follow the links below to listen or download our Hillbilly Willy shows 1-3.  And listen for Hillbilly Willy 4, coming soon to a haunted mp3 player near you.

The Halloween of Hillbilly Willy

Hillbilly Willy Returns

Hillbilly Willy 3: House of Demons

Halloween is Here!

For all intents and purposes, or as some might say, "For all intensive purposes" Halloween is here! If you haven't taken the opportunity to traipse down to the g****m grocery store to buy a mother-scaring pumpkin- what the hell are you waiting for???? CHRISTMAS!?!!???! !      ?

There are count'em 18 days left until the night the dead roam the earth! Use them wisely and terrifyingly.

To get you started why not take a trip to Busheltown where it's also Halloween! Download our new show "Halloween in Busheltown" to get a jolt of seasonal spirit. Grab the show over on the right or head to itunes.

*Apparently you should also be wearing a Halloween t-shirt 24/7, but that goes without saying.