Thursday, July 11, 2013

Buy the Book

When I think of the fictional workplaces I might like to join, I often think of The Lunch Box in Lanford, Illinois, or the newsroom at WJM in Minneapolis. But today I thought of Ellen's bookstore, called Buy the Book, so let's talk about that. 

Buy the Book was a funky 90's bookstore coffee-shop hybrid. Notably, Ellen served coffee before Monica or Chandler ever decided only they and their friends were allowed to sit on that one sofa at Central Perk. Anyway, the charm of Ellen's bookstore can be found in rarely being busy and often being pulled into one of Ellen's wacky schemes (too many to mention even one). 

Of course Ellen would be your boss, but you'd get to work with squeaky-voiced be-pinked Audrey and the sarcastic coffee brewer Joe. I would come up with a wacky personality of my own, but who am I kidding? Like they would ever let two fat guys work there. 

In other Ellen-related musings, she had some great guest stars back in the 90's. In season 3 alone we saw Mary Tyler Moore, Kathy Griffin, Martha Stewart, and the inimitable Del Rubio Triplets! It should be required that they guest star on everything! They've done "Ellen," "The Golden Girls," and "Pee-wee's Christmas Special," but why no "30 Rock," no "Big Bang Theory," no "Law and Order: SVU"!?!? (I hope they're still alive, healthy, and rocking- I'm not gonna google and find out, because it would be too sad if they're not). 

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