Saturday, July 27, 2013

"Mama's Family" Season 6, Episode 11. My Take

This episode begins with Mama finding some trolley stock in a box from the attic. That sexy Bubba took the stock to his professor and long story short: Mama may be in the money!

Mama aka Thelma has to put that stock to good use to somehow save Quick Keys- the workplace of her son, and would-be-father, Vinton! Naomi is worried! But that's not all . . .

Let me take this moment to point out:

1. Iola is one of the all-time great neighbors. There's no use denying it- you know it's true.
2. Even as a small child, I was always distracted by how hot Bubba was.

3. Am I gay because Bubba wore these tight, tight jeans!?!

4. Bubba.

5. Turns out that dusty old stock was for the company that owns Quick Keys, yadda yadda yadda, Mama wore that hat to an impromptu stock holders meeting that saved the day.

Final Fun Fact: Bubba

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