Friday, July 12, 2013

New Episode: 297 - The New York Tribute Show

This week's episode is dedicated to the biggest of apples- old New York City itself! If ever a city were worthy of a tribute by two fat men who host an internet talk show . . . well, you can finish this sentence for yourself. 

We've got all you ever wanted to know about the home of the Empire State Building, Broadway Theater, and 60 trillion cockroaches. Included in the show: an NYC Tip Quiz, Stupid Questions, and a Journey to Busheltown that Kendall calls "harrowing." It's true- you can listen for yourself, Kendall calls it harrowing right on the air! 

You can listen to this show there, you can listen to this show anywhere! Just download from itunes or listen in that playbox over on the right. 

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