Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hair Chat

While watching an old "Ellen" on youtube, I noticed that Paige's ex-boyfriend had nearly the hairdo I dreamed of having for what seemed like most of the 90's. It was longer and floppier than I could have managed then, or ever, as we now know most of my head-hairs have jumped to their death.

Anyway, Leonardo Dicaprio's Titanic hair was very similar and I also dreamed of having hair as floppy as Leo's. Having hair like that and of course running my fingers through that floppy blond mop of his- god just look at how it flops!

I guess 1996-1997 was the year for that hairdo- because that "Ellen," Titanic, and Good Will Hunting, all came out around then. I also desperately wanted that Matt Damon hair. But me having that hairdo would prove to be a trickier problem than that math one Will worked out as a janitor. (In an odd twist, I never had that amazing hair, but I did work as a janitor!!)

Hugh Grant had that hair, too. I wasn't a middle aged lady in the 90's, so I never really got into Hugh Grant, but I did admire the sheer floppiness of his hair. I remember owning Nine Months on vhs tape and envying how his hair did flop.

Oh well, I ended up looking just like a celebrity anyway.

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