Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Let's Talk Superman

It must be said (okay not really, but it can be said) that "Superman Returns" of 2006 is much better than this year's "Man of Steel." 

Now, "Man of Steel" is enjoyable (although they attempted to make it a sober drama with 1.5 hours of non-stop explosions at the end), and has plenty of things going for it:

1. It includes fun scenes of Russell Crowe on Krypton and as Ghost Dad in the space ship.

2. Amy Adams is unexpectedly forceful and perky as Lois Lane. Let me rephrase that. Amy Adams is forcefully perky as Lois Lane. (I wanted to make it a good pull-quote for the DVD box).

3. For the gays and gals out there Henry Cavill is plenty cute enough to carry a Super-movie. (Personally, I prefer Brandon Routh's 06 model Kal-El. Henry Cavill's physique is more He-Man than Superman, but again I ain't complaining- just splitting hairs. And eating ice cream. Fat blobs like me eat ice cream and blog about how Henry Cavill is too muscle-y while the laptop bounces on the gelatinous protrusion that is my stomach.)

4. One other thing "Man of Steel" has is Kevin Costner. First off- how did the 90's become nostalgic? Why am I brought to tears by the sight of Kevin Costner walking through a corn field? It's like Shoeless Joe might stroll out any second and ask to bunt. (Did I get the baseball terminology correct?)

Now (quickly) points against "Man of Steel":

1. No speedo. Modern audiences (as opposed to those of 2006) find the red speedo ridiculous. A man who flies and melts things with heat vision is not believable in a speedo.

2. The suit is navy this time to convey the darker tone of the film? Thanks Jor-El for at least leaving us with the cape!

3. It's just a personal thing- but I could have done without 45 minutes of the exploding buildings at the end of "Man of Steel." That still would have left almost an hour's worth! We get it- Zod BLEW THINGS UP. 

But all in all, a Superman movie is still a fun summer event. Now when they make "Man of Steel 2," I just hope there's lots of confusion around Clark Kent in glasses/Superman without glasses (that's my favorite Superman plot element, after the speedo). 

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