Saturday, July 27, 2013

"Mr. Belvedere" Season 3, Episode 21. My Take

This episode starts out with Kevin the older brother looking for a prom date. What you see above is not Mr. Belvedere, loving caretaker, offering Kevin a doorstop for his lunch. Mr. B is actually holding a rock thrown through the glass in the front door- it's a reply to Kevin's prom-proposal! It was a 'no.'

Elsewhere another of Mr. B's kiddos is gettin' up to trouble. Third child Wesley has started a business in which he books other kids (namely Brace-face above) to do the chores while he pockets most of the cash. Mr. Belvedere! Come on! Get on this!!! But that's not all . . . 

Meanwhile in the living room- Kevin has finally decided to ask his plump'n nerdy tutor to the prom (they're both dateless and unlucky in love- one is just skinny). It was at this point I stopped watching because I could just see it going on like this: 

1. Kevin gets a reply from a thin cheerleader who's also really ditzy (that's why she's so late see)- she will go to the prom with him after all!
2. Kevin has to let plump'n nerdy down- he's got a skinny girl who puts out on the line!
3. The plump, nerdy tutor goes to the prom with another man who is embarrassed to be seen with her: Mr. Belvedere! 

4. Kevin has wild sex in a van outside the prom while inside Mr. Belvedere is stolen away from his nerd-date by a horny librarian who hasn't made the beast with two backs since McKinley was in office. 
5. The nerdy and also obese tutor goes home and eats 2 gallons of mint cookie ice cream she picked up at the fucking gas station- then orders pizza and breadsticks from Papa Johns (she didn't even notice that she had a coupon- she was too busy crying!).

6. Mr. B later makes a quip in his diary entry about how he "picked up a few tricks from an old dog" that night, and then I cry myself to sleep. 

If you want to watch for yourself, click HERE!

Final Fun Fact: Wasn't braceface also Punky Brewster's friend?

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