Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Wardrobe Update

Kendall is so embarrassed today because he showed up to Easter Sunday service wearing the same outfit as Justin Bieber (left)! Kendall and the similarly devout Bieber both wore white underwear, shiny blue pants, and white space sneakers.

Later, after the worship service during the egg hunt, Justin Bieber managed to collect more eggs than Kendall. Justin was able to store his found eggs in the crotch of his shiny blue pants (he wisely wore his pants 12 inches lower than was reasonable in order to maximize egg-storage space). Kendall was unable to store eggs in his pants due to his obesity.

Cliff (pictured below) wore a blue shirt to the Easter Sunday service in his living room (the annual eating of one dozen Cadbury Eggs).

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy 2013! er- EASTER!!!!

Is our blog rising from the dead on Easter-eve? No. But! We would like to take this sacred moment to remind you that our blog may not be updated as frequently as Stonehenge, but our show has never died once and so doesn't need to return from the dead!!

Nope- our show (playable through that box on the right) is chugging right along! It's far healthier than Cliff or Kendall.

This week we're saluting the almost gone but not forgotten Video Store of yesteryear! Try not to weep at that photo above (which includes a "Death Becomes Her" poster in the upper-left! Then try not to weep as you listen to our show (which features a mention of "Death Becomes Her" and its Isabella Rossellini nudity!)

In short- Happy 2013! Happy Easter and if we don't see ya before then- Happy 4th of July! Woohoo- AMERICA!!!!!!!