Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Coming Soon: More Things

Sorry for the lack of postings as of late- I'm waiting for August to be over because I hate it. (If you reference last year's August Awareness Month show, you'll know it to be true!)

Anyway, as a consolation, here's a picture Mr. Snodbottom snapped of Tyler during our landmark 200th episode. I think this was somewhere around the second clip package. And if you haven't had the joy of hearing this Milestone of a show- what are you waiting for? September?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Punky Power!

I've been watching numerous episodes of "Punky Brewster" on Youtube, and have had so many A-ha moments while doing so!

First, I was shocked to find a proto-Cliff and Kendall in Punky's obese cousin Louise. She was a wisecracking fatso that never let a minute go by without a self deprecating fat joke. (Sound familiar?) She even arrived in a canary yellow sweat suit that shouted "I Brake For Donuts."**

But of course after a few life lessons in "Punky Power" she resolved to shed the weight! (And she did, in an epilogue Louise returned newly slimmed down). "What is Punky Power?" I hear you asking. Well, Punky describes it as Believing in yourself, never giving up, having faith that things will turn out okay, and knowing you can do anything you want if you really try. I wish you Punky Power today! Of course if YOU use it, you can insert your own name. Fat cousin Louise used "Louise Power" to shed pounds, for instance.

Another A-ha moment occurred when I saw an episode entitled "Reading, Writing, and Rock'n Roll." In this episode Punky was forced to sit out a rock concert by the Pop-Gods DeBarge and made to write a book report instead. Through a believable series of events, Henry (Punky's adoptive father) impersonates a rock journalist and gets into DeBarge's backstage area and convinces the guys in the group to drop by and teach Punky a lesson about the joys of reading. It was an A-ha moment when I realized Henry had used "Henry Power" and reached his goal of instilling a love of reading in Punky, by way of having pop royalty drop by.

They also drop a cassette into the stereo and lip-synch a few numbers for Punky who had to miss the show, but is now reading one of the group's favorite books: Tom Sawyer. And this blond guy is named Chico. From what I can tell he's not really in DeBarge, but just kind of comes on the side like a dinner roll. And he dressed like that. And people accepted his heterosexuality. (He has five children! And was stabbed in 2003, but is very alive). It was the 80's.

See, even Henry was won over and became a huge DeBarge fan! Punky Power to all!!! If you feel like revisiting Punky, start with THIS episode. It's the one where she gets boobs!!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quote of the Day!!

Do not anticipate trouble,
or worry about what may never happen.
Keep in the sunlight.
-Benjamin Franklin

Saturday, August 6, 2011

100 Years Ago Today!

The world's most famous redhead was born! Lucille Ball's 100th birthday is today, and in case you need a primer on her importance click HERE.

Oh so many years later, and we still Love Lucy!

Friday, August 5, 2011

New Show: Salute to Air Conditioning!

In the grand tradition of our grand "Salutes" to the Elderly, Cats, and Dogs (and more?) we now turn our eyes to the "coolest" possible contraption: the Air Conditioner!!

Whether you're face down on the AC grate or planted on your fat ass in front of a wall unit, we've got you cooled and covered! With frosty Bad Jokes**, Songs You (Really) Should Know, and Kendall's Stupidest Questions yet!!!

In the heat of the summer, where better to be? And of course, who better to bring it to you?

**Including Blonde Jokes!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy 70th Martha!

Today is Martha Stewart's 70th birthday! Did you know that? How could you not?

Click HERE to read some interesting facts about he Domestic Doyenne. A few tidbits:

· Her French bulldog, Francesca, is named after a prison friend.

· Martha once pitched a TV show about "rehabilitating ­errant women while they rehabilitated a house; a fixer-upper was bought in Norwalk." It never happened.

· Martha "insisted on personally approving every one" of the 3,000 items licensed through Macy's. According to her head of merchandising, at one meeting "Martha walked in with a pot, slammed it on the table, and goes,'This is crap. I don’t want my name on it.'"

Good for you, Martha!! If people didn't go around attaching their names to crappy products, this world would be a better place! (Of course, there'd likely be no 'Cliff and Kendall' . . .)