Saturday, July 31, 2010

Live from New York . . . it's The Girlie Show!

The October 14th episode of "30 Rock" will be live! Sounds like fun! That is all.

Deja Vu

Levi Johnston has re-broken up with Bristol Palin. Apparently over his possibly siring another child during the time they were apart. When they broke up before there were Playgirl photos. Now we patiently await the money shots.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy National Lasagna Day!

Garfield knows it's good- and so do you! It's been too long since I had any lasagna. Not that I've been eating well. I just ate half the batter for some peanut butter bars. I'm glad though- the bars turned out sh*tty but the batter was terrific! (Or as Julie Andrews in "Thoroughly Modern Millie' would say "Terrif!")

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Will Wicked Get Lost?

Three cheers for my hilarious headline!!! Oh- don't you understand it? Well, in news that Kendall would be very interested in, the film version of the musical "Wicked" just might be directed by the creator of a certain show about some people who crashed in a plane and landed on a magic island and (SPOILER ALERT) then died and went to a limbo-like place before meeting up again and ascending to "the next level."

Anyway- click HERE to read an article about some possible choices (including J.J. Abrams and Ryan Murphy- creator of 'Glee') to direct to imminent film version of the show Kendall has seen over 10 times!

Yogi Bear Movie Exists

So this is the poster for the upcoming 3-D SPECTACULAR that is the Yogi Bear Movie. I'm glad Dan Aykroyd found something to do, but am a bit puzzled as to who realized the very best choice for the role of Boo Boo was . . . Justin Timberlake. I'm also curious as to when JT's gonna bring Sexy Back. Because I'm pretty sure its gone away again. The photo below is from when Sexy was previously broughten back.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Letter from Zac E.

Dear Cliff and Kendall,

How can I express my gratitude for your continued discussion of my disco stick? It makes my heart glad that I can bring joy to the world and specifically to obese shut-ins like yourselves. Please know that were it possible I would share my disco stick with you both, as well as with all my fans all around the globe. Please accept this digitally kissed photograph as an expression of my sincere thanks.

Ever Mine, Ever Thine, Ever Ours,
Zac E.

Steve Carell and Alec Baldwin Are Trying to Ruin My Life

'Sources' confirm that Steve Carell is indeed leaving 'The Office" at the end of the upcoming seventh season, and sources sadly confirm that 'The Office" will not be concluding its run when the STAR of the show awkwardly (I'm guessing) moves from Scranton to work for Kathy Bates full time in Georgia (or something).

This is BAD. I know you know why, I won't even go on- let me just point to 'The X-Files" Mulder-less seasons (and I LOVE Gillian Anderson, she was my favorite always, but still- how do you pick up the pieces when one of the stars, or in Dunder Mifflin's case THE star of the show leaves?) They should really end the show. And I love the show and never want it to end. But more than that I want it to not get BAD. (See also case file #689 "Roseanne's 9th Season Worse than Vietnam War")

And now Alec Baldwin is saying (again) how much he wants to leave (!!!!) "30 Rock"!! He's said it before, but now he points to the end of his contract in 2012 (after season 5 and hypothetical season 6). C'mon NBC execs! Work some magic and get him to give one more year! That would be 7 seasons of Liz and Jack antics- and I believe Tina Fey is smarter than whoever's minding the store at "The Office" and would know when to call it a day, before the show lost one of its MVP's (sports analogy). It's no shame to end a show after 7 years, before the beloved characters get a chance to move away or simply become cartoon-ish parodies of themselves. Evidence:

Shows with seven great seasons:
"The Golden Girls"
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
"The Mary Tyler Moore Show"

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Betty in Print

Remember how in our "Salute to the Elderly" show we named Betty White our favorite elderly celebrity? Of course you do!

Well, anyway- the fine folks over at 'Vanity Fair' evidently heard that and decided to jump on the White bandwagon. They've gotten BW to answer their monthly Proust Questionnaire. The cutest answer? My choice is:

"VF: If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be?
Betty White: Jane Goodall."

Read the rest HERE.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

We're Not Dead

In fact we're BACK!!! And FAT!!! And have BACK FAT!!!!!

I've been away at summer camp and Kendall has been working non-stop on some little television series. So anyway, while we've been giving you top quality podcasts that were 100% brand new- we've been absent from the web and the 2 of you that check this site once every 6 months may have thought we died. We didn't. That's the gist of this post.

Love one another,
Cliff and Kendall