Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Apology Post

It is so shameful to have only 7 blog posts for the first half of 2013!!! I marvel at those numbers from years gone by! In 2008 we posted 354 times! (We must have had lots of free time back then.)

Anyway- let's start fresh! I will try (in as many blog posts as possible) to update you on the doings around the old Cliff and Kendall podcast studio. (Our new episode about Spices is up on the right- don't let the subject matter scare you away- it's a great episode. And I should know- I'm one of the hosts).

Okay if I'm gonna get our blog post numbers up (2013-people problems- am I right?) then I shouldn't write anymore on this post. But if I post a lot before anyone can read them- they'll read them from last to first- so it will be like that "Memento" movie-

Readers who are now all the way back at the beginning, the story is over for you, but only beginning for me!

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