Saturday, July 27, 2013

"Maude" Season 4, Episode 21. My Take

This 1976 episode of "Maude" centers around Maude's nephew, and her husband Walter's wish that the nephew would am-scray.

Early on in the show I got distracted by the extremity of these 70's hairdos. I'm at the strange point in my life when I would like to try the style worn above by Maude's grandson. BUT I CAN'T. It's a bitter consolation that I could totally pull off Walter's hair style. It's like my hair has been trying to grow into that fucking hairstyle all by itself. But that's not all . . .

Then there's Maude's nephew- his hair is boldly awful, but I am still breaking the commandment about envy just looking at that huge bushy mop! That moppy bush on his head is not what Jesus or I would do- but I am jealous of his ability to grow all those hairs!

And then there's Maude! The episode turned out to be themed around the nephew having accidentally impregnated a 19 year old girl. Short version: He's a doofus, the girl bravely decided she'd rather not marry this doink and raise the baby alone. Maude gave several great speeches and wore one great pants-suit. 

Final Fun Fact: I'm 99.9% certain this episode took place entirely in Maude's living room!

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