Saturday, October 5, 2013

Halloween Movie Countdown! #9 Donnie Darko

It's ironic that right after I post that big post below about Jake Gyllenhaal's "Prisoners" that the next item on our blog would the Halloween Movie Countdown entry for "Donnie Darko" which is Jake Gyllenhaal's Halloweeniest movie! (No it's not ironic at all. Irony is when the opposite of what you expect to occur happens. Me talking about another Jake Gyllenhaal movie is the most expected thing ever and therefore absolutely un-ironic.)

Onward- "Donnie Darko" is a great Halloween movie: it has weird things happening, very funny moments, and a terrifying human sized rabbit named Frank. Speaking of which . . . 

"Donnie Darko" gives you two great Halloween costume ideas! You can be Frank the ominous bunny (if you've got the dough for all that) OR you can be Donnie Darko himself! During the finale of the film, Donnie wears this to a Halloween party. His costume can be created using a gray hoodie and a cheap skeleton costume- or (if you're really poor like I was when I wore this costume) you can paint a skeleton onto a black sweatsuit. 

And if no one gets your costume, at least you can rest easy in the knowledge that your taste in movies is better than all the fucking princesses and star troopers and shit. 

"Donnie Darko" has that other secret ingredient that allows it to fit whole-heartedly into the Halloween category: It has pumpkins in it! 

Before the final Halloween party, Donnie (unconsciously?) carves a jack o'lantern in the form of Frank. rent this-buy this-watch this now. Still on the fence? Okay, final pitch:  

What other movie lets Jake stab YOU?

What other movie lets Jake reach out and touch YOU!?!?!

Time is running out. 25 days, 4 hours, 23 minutes, 16 seconds til Halloween.

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