Saturday, October 5, 2013

"The Brady Bunch" Season 5, Episode 16. My Take

The Brady's never really had a Halloween episode, but this episode (called Out of this World) from the final season is kind of spooky. For the purposes of this post let's all agree aliens are spooky and on-topic in terms of the Halloween season. The show starts with Peter (Who lost a bet with Jan and had to wear that outfit as punishment) and Bobby getting autographs from some well known astronaut and alien-believer-in. 

And damned if Peter and Bobby weren't stargazing that night and out the window what did they spy?? It was a cherry red flying saucer straight from galaxies beyond! 

"Holy fudge, Bobby! Did you see that UFO???" 
"Don't swear Pete!"

The next morning we see Alice armed with either lunch for the Brady children or my mid-morning coffee break!! HAHAHAHGAHAH

Peter and Bobby have been unsuccessfully trying to whip the Brady kids into a Salem Witch Trials-like  mass hysteria over their so-called UFO, but sensibly dressed troubadour Greg Brady puts the kibosh on those nasty alien rumors! 

"This sounds stupid!" 

"This sounds stupid!" said Mike and Carol in unison.

"This sounds stupid!" said Jan later that night as the girls visited the junior astrologers out on the astroturf. 

At this point in the show Peter and Bobby are the Mulders and the rest of the family gang up to play one super skeptical Scully. But Peter and Bobby know the truth must be out there

And not much later they're repaid in full by another UFO sighting! Are they worried that aliens in a bright red shining saucer might not be coming in peace but in rage? 

Doesn't much matter what they thought, since we soon learn this is nothing more than the work of sexy prankster Greg Brady! He's using his attic bachelor pad for evil these days by creating the illusion of a UFO for those naive goons he calls little brothers. 

Uh oh! The jig is up!! Marcia happens into Greg's attic boudoir in a flimsy flannel bathrobe with a thermos- was this a booty call interrupted by Greg's turn as a prank monkey?

Greg needn't hide his deeds- Marcia's up for more torture! They've both got axes to grind with the younger Brady boys (something about being ratted out for being out after curfew with the whole football team) and now the eldest siblings form a dastardly duo not seen since Satan teamed up with an Inuit corpse to form Sarah Palin. 

Greg's got a band-aid on his lip for this whole episode because he "cut his lip shaving." In reality Barry Williams had been in a car accident. I think- if you don't believe me go google it yourself. Anyhow, in the world of the story, Greg cut his lip shaving because he'd obviously been "waking and baking" before he cut a chunk out of his own beautiful face. Be careful with that face Greg!!! 

To create your own UFO you need a whistle, a red flashlight, 
a curtain with some plastic on it and . . .


What court would convict him?

All these shenanigans cause Bobby to have a horrible nightmare where the UFO really lands in the backyard, and instead of those chest bursting aliens we get . . . 

A little green couple with hair like Little Orphan Annie! See how Halloweeny this show is!?!??!

See!?!? Halloween! Carol's not in a pumpkin, she's developing photographs in a dark room! (You know, it's that thing your phone does for you now).

Greg is getting pretty, pretty, pretty tired of all this UFO bullshit. 

Too bad Mike sees the photos and makes the executive decision to call . . . 

The fucking air force of course! Alice might have eyes for a non-butcher lover, but this guy ain't taking any guff from nobody. 

Gulp! The two briefly evil Bradys must now explain it all! 

Is there anything I can do to make you forget this whole thing officer?? 

The next morning the whole thing is forgotten, except for one thing! It's punishment time! 

Greg's like WTF when Mike and Carol cruelly murder his plans for a fishing trip with his buddies. 

All that's left at the end of this episode are Greg's busted lip and shattered dreams. 

All the audience can do is wonder just what Greg's fishing trip would have been like. 

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