Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why Men Wore Wigs

(Photo: the Cliff and Kendall of 1695)

Are you like Cliff and Kendall? Did you one day think to yourself "God has forsaken me and caused me to go bald! I'm fat because of Dairy Queen but my balding head is all on the Lord! Why couldn't I have been born in the glory days of yore when being obese and wearing a big puffy white wig was all the rage? Or at least why could I not have been born a pair of Jake Gyllenhaal's underwear?"

The answers to why men wore those puffy wigs is here! From yahoo! answers:

"The history of wigs goes all the way back to antiquity. In ancient Egypt it was common to shave ones head and wear wigs because of the prevalence of head lice. Since only the Wealthy and Well Born could afford to do this, wigs became a status symbol. This picked up again during the Renaissance, when antiquity began to be rediscovered and explored anew. And once again, only the wealthy and well born could afford wigs. Thus what started out as a hygienic tool became a status symbol. Except for very high ceremonial and court functions, the use of wigs as fashion statements largely died out in the 1790s due to the French Revolution and the rise of republican simplicity as an alternative fashion statement."

Damn republican simplicity! Nowadays when you need a simple republican you just look at the latest issue of In Style for a dumb-ass quote by Sarah Palin. Bitch! Let's calm down:

(Those underwears right there)

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