Wednesday, August 4, 2010

House of Tragedy!

Our sister in sass- Niecy Nash is leaving the Style Network's #1 show "Clean House"!!! This is such sad news- I have no idea who her replacement will be. Some guest hosts have been a white nerd lady (fair) and Urkel's neighbor (no good). Oh! This is sad!!!!

I read somewhere she taped a pilot for a talk show so maybe this means that got picked up? Who knows! I just know my dream of attending a "Clean House" yard sale is over. The 3 remaining hosts I do love, but . . . without Niecy? Let's just all pledge to wear a flower in our hair today in remembrance of Niecy's 9 seasons hosting "Clean House."

(P.S. Congratulations are in order as Niecy just won a daytime Emmy for hosting "Clean House's Messiest Home in the Country"! Which if you haven't seen that special from 2009- it's one of the best things I've ever seen on television, seriously!)

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