Monday, August 23, 2010

Betty White Forever!!!!!

This fall Hollywood ingenue Betty White is going to guest star on one of my favorite comedies, NBC's "Community." She's going to be a rappin' granny or something. And I can't wait!

She just won an Emmy for hosting SNL, and in recent years has guested on "Ugly Betty," "30 Rock," and "The Middle." It just got me thinking that there is no show on the air that I wouldn't want her to be on. Herewith, my ideas for other guest roles Betty should consider:

"True Blood"- who wouldn't want to see Betty turn up as a feisty vampire?!? Maybe the Sheriff of a neighboring area? Or she could be an old but vicious werewolf!
"Mad Men"- the CEO of a cigarette company that won't take no guff off nobody, including Don Draper whom she sets her sights on seducing.
"Dexter"- on a crowded street someone bumps into poor Betty's character and she falls and breaks her hip. This is a case for "The Dark Defender"! Dexter's gotta murder the pusher!
"Grey's Anatomy"- She's Alex's pill poppin' granny. She's in town to help him get over Izzie once and for all. And while she's at it, she has a hot affair with the Chief.
"The Office"- Aren't they about to launch a search for the new Michael Scott? Bingo!

I just wish she could have been slipped in on "Lost" as Jacob's grandma.

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