Saturday, August 3, 2013

"Designing Women" Season 3, Episode 1. My Take

This episode of the other 80s-90s sitcom that featured four incredibly talented actresses playing four wise-cracking women finds our leading ladies on vacation. (Technically, "Designing Women" starred seven incredibly talented actresses as leads- just not at the same time.) In the shot above, our heroines from Atlanta pay unconscious homage to their predecessor "The Golden Girls." But this pajama breakfast comes later. 

The story starts with our ladies arriving at the condo of Julia's boyfriend (Mark Twain, above). All the women designers have brought their men along, except Suzanne. Suzanne had no man to bring and her pet pig she left with Anthony. 

This is her giving a great speech about being alone and how everyone else can cram it. Suzanna Sugarbaker owned this episode- whenever she wasn't onscreen I was thinking, "What is Suzanne doing? Where is Suzanne?" Personal note: DELTA IT'S NOT TOO LATE! YOU CAN STILL HAVE A COMEBACK! CALL RYAN MURPHY! But that's not all . . . 

Tempers began to rise as high as the shorts the guys were wearing (above) when the subject of hiring a nanny for the children came up. 

See, this is the reason Mary Jo looked so P.O.'d a minute ago. It's Ursula, the bikini-wearing nanny. She's Swedish and is interviewing to be the kids au pair for the next 36 hours. Do you think the Designing Women were happy??

Nope! It caused them all to stand in a row like this! I love these three women, but can you see why I started wondering, "Where is Suzanne? What wry remark would she make about this floozy?"

Suzanne is too good for all this shit, and she lets us know it the next morning at breakfast. I don't use the term "fierce" (as in 'RuPaul is fierce!') but there's just no other way to describe Suzanne Sugarbaker. Suzanne Sugarbaker was fierce! Every moment! Julia may have been nicknamed The Terminator, but Suzanne stole the show. It's one of the great sadnesses that Delta Burke wasn't in every episode of "Designing Women"- and unlike "Rhoda," there wasn't even a spin-off to keep us in touch!

Anyway, it's boys v. girls in a game of charades and things go down hill when Ursula tries to act out a clue involving Henry KISSinger.  

This leads to a heart-to-heart somehow between the women and the men (Suzanne was maybe on the phone with Anthony or Consuela during this.) It seems the ladies didn't really hate Ursula, just the way the guys all wanted to bone her. Lesson learned. 

The morning after the men and womenfolk make up, Suzanne decides to take care of Ursula herself. She tells Ursula that she's one of those people that's just "too much." Suzanne feels she can be honest like this because she, herself, is also a person that's "too much." But I of course disagree! 


Final Fun Fact: Do I love Suzanne because she dresses and acts so much like Miss Piggy? To see this episode for yourself, click HERE for part1/3. 

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