Thursday, August 1, 2013

"Muppet Babies" Season 6, Episode 7. My Take

This "Muppet Babies" episode starts with Gonzo (dressed as Liberace, above) imagining his own version of a 'pimp my ride' situation with Rowlf's dump truck. 

The beginning of the show featured lots of fantasies, and just as I started thinking, "Maybe I forgot this was the kind of show that didn't have a plot," the plot kicked in. It seems all the other Muppet Babies (the ones that aren't Gonzo) are P.O.'d at Gonzo for his disregard for safety- and they let him know it in no uncertain terms! Above many MB's are angry, but baby Fozzie is perplexed and baby Kermit is just more disappointed than anything else. 

Immediately following that big mob scene, Gonzo decides to really show them how awesome he can be by doing a dangerous stunt. His stuffed Camilla doll is an unwitting accomplice. But that's not all . . .

Gonzo's stunt goes horribly wrong when his vehicle collides head-on with Nanny's vacuum cleaner. 

Worse yet, Camilla . . . oh god. Camilla is taken immediately into emergency surgery as Nanny tries to sew her back up before she loses too much stuffing. 

While Camilla is paying for Gonzo's crimes with her very stuffing, Gonzo is sent to safety school by the Muppet Baby Cops (a shoulda been spin-off). Got it! Law & Order: Muppet Baby Unit (MBU for short). 

Scooter's cousin Skeeter makes me wish that Whoopi Goldberg would make more cop movies. 

After safety school, Gonzo goes to Mars to sing an incredibly sad ballad called "I'll Be Blue For You" as Nanny attempts a miracle in the OR. I don't remember if all "Muppet Babies" episodes were this sad, but this one sure was!

In the end THANK GOD Nanny does it again! Camilla is going to be okay (though she may never squawk again). Lesson Learned: Safety Rules Are Not Just For Other People, They're For You Too!

Final Fun Fact: As Gonzo visited Camilla in the Injured Chicken Wing, he found a few famous fowl also laid up. We got un-billed cameos from Foghorn Leghorn (in bandages above) and Tweety Bird! 

Here Tweety Bird is almost unrecognizable with his head wrapped in gauze. 

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