Saturday, August 3, 2013

"Mama's Family" Season 4, Episode 5. My Take

Mama is in rare form tonight! She's on the warpath from the get-go and is taking no shit!

Even Bubba can't bat his lashes and get away with borrowing the car for a date that night. Mama suggests he take the girl to the movies on his scooter. She's evidently blind to the geometric fact that you can't bone on the back of a scooter (at a crowded drive-in). We don't know why Mama is so royally pissed and we don't need to know why- she's MAMA! But that's not all . . . 


Mama is just not having it tonight y'all! She's denied Naomi a sewing machine and Vinton $90 for an exercise something or other.

She's only slowed down slightly when Iola comes in and guilts her into doing the church work she promised. Iola is of course aided by some well placed thunder courtesy of the Big Guy Himself: God. 

Speaking of God, He was an Angry, Wrathful Creator that day. Fore lo, when Thelma aka Mama did venture out into the storm God did nearly strike her down! Mama was nearly smoten!! 

PROOF!  A falling minute hand from a clock tower can sure ruin a nice lavender raincoat! 

Funny thing about that afternoon, you see Bubba took a break from working out (and making out) to clean out the basement for his dear old Grammaw. While down there digging Bubba found a beloved sampler woven generations ago. It only stands to reason that Mama read the sampler's message as a thinly veiled message from the Almighty. The sampler read: "It is better to give than to receive"- very original, old ancestor!

The next day Mama is tested worse than Job ever was when she's asked to give up a dirty old lamp for a rummage sale. She gives it up, quoting that dirty old sampler. As she gives, she begins to feel the LIGHT of a Higher Power enter her bosom. 

The light in Mama's bosom radiates so that all her family can see it. This causes Mama's family to look inside themselves and see how they can use this sudden character shift to their advantage. 

Even Iola plays Mama like a harp from hell! 

Mama gives merrily unto those whom would seek to take advantage. 

Mama giveth of her sewing machine to Naomi. Presumably, that fabric was chosen by Naomi so she could sew some sort of Bedrock themed cave-woman costume. 

A wet dripping Bubba drips back inside. He's angry because the car Mama lent him had a leak! As though his date could've minded looking at Bubba all moist like that. 

Iola also comes back complaining that the recipe for Mama's Million Dollar Fudge turned out more like "Million Dollar Baby"- dry, boring, and way overrated! Iola is suggesting maybe Hillary Swank shouldn't have won an Oscar for Mama's Million Dollar Fudge. 

Mama is burned again when the exercise rubber bands she bought for Vinton threaten to kill him dead. 

One upside is that Vinton gets to live out my fantasy of being entangled in a jumble of rubber bands with Bubba. 

Mama is also blamed for the sewing machine turning Naomi's dress into that. I kinda doubt anybody was too down over that one though. That dress doesn't look so different from Naomi's normal wardrobe  actually. 

Just when the family's bitch-fit starts turning into a frenzy beyond all reason, Mama finally drops the good-girl act and let's 'em all have it! You knew Mama wouldn't be a doormat for more than 10 minutes- tops. 

Final Fun Fact:  The episode closes with Mama yelling at the Lord to be a little more clear with His damn messages next time dammit! 

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