Saturday, August 3, 2013

"Out of This World" Season 1, Episode 10. My Take

It had been so long since I'd seen this show! I don't know if it's the only episode of the amazing "Out of This World" on youtube, but you can watch this one (Baby Talk) HERE.  Doesn't Dad look great in that shot above?

It's funny how much comes back to you when you see these old episodes, even though it's probably been 25 years since I've seen this one. I feel like I'm already in my cold, cold grave. The episode starts out with Donna exercising with the Cliff and Kendall of his time- Uncle Beano. Beano is so much like Cliff and Kendall that he uses sandwiches as barbells and takes a bite with every rep! Cliff and Kendall would do that too if they worked out! But that's not all . . . 

Evie is baby-sitting in a house that already reminded me of "House of the Devil" even before the night became dark and stormy. 

The thunder wakes up the baby and this kid shrieks like only a harpy from hell- or a baby on tv- can shriek. It was awful! This prompted Evie to say something along the lines of, "I wish you could just tell me what you want!" 

If you didn't know it before, you're about to find out: "Out of This World" was one of the great supernatural shows- it had everything you'd need: super powers, secrets to keep from nosy neighbors, and an alien father that could only be reached by communicating through that crystal cube sculpture up top. Supernaturally speaking, Evie's wish came true! It was like you could hear the audience at home say, "Look who's talking! It's a baby!" The baby began speaking full sentences to Evie when his longest word before had been 'Waaahhhhh!!' 

Evie tried to call for help using the phone I spent my whole childhood wishing for (true story- then landlines bit the dust- thanks technology!). The storm had knocked out the phone though! 

Then Evie tried her old standby "Stopping Time." I always wanted to do this as a kid!! I can also think of some things that'd be fun to do if I could stop time now. As for Evie: Didn't work! 

Luckily for her, Mom was so worried she paid off everyone in the neighborhood to "drop in" and check on her daughter. Beano stopped by first. (Movie Idea: Beano, Otho from "Beetlejuice," and Joe from "Ellen" play triplets)

This guy stopped by next. Evie and Beano recognized him, but I didn't. 

Even Count Dorkula came over in his rain slicker! After tossing all the interlopers to the curb, Evie and Beano take the talking tot back home in hopes that maybe, just maybe Alien Dad can help from afar. 

Then the baby's parents come home, as their date at the drive-in was rained out. Evie and baby are missing! Mom and Dad fear the worst! 

Meanwhile at home, Evie is carrying that thing they call Dad, even though they actually use it to talk to Dad. I wonder what it was like growing up half alien? Donna fell in love with an alien who very rarely makes it to this galaxy. Stopping time by pressing your fingers together is a pretty big perk, you gotta admit! 

Here the baby just asked IF HE COULD NURSE. 

Speaking of Dad, he's on the line- and is VOICED BY MR. BURT REYNOLDS HIMSELF!! Did you see that bit of star power coming!?!? 

Alien Dad explains that a simple lightning bolt will cause the baby to revert back to a goo-gooing, ga-gaing mess again. PROBLEM: the storm is over! SOLUTION? Four galaxies over, Dad is on it!

Which is a good thing, since Mom and Dad are back! And they want the baby they left behind not this talking hell-spawn they see before them. 

Donna attempts to convince the parents that their baby isn't talking, she claims she's just throwing her voice! But no matter how wide her lapels are, Donna isn't fooling anybody. 

This turns out to be okay as Dad sends a lightning bolt from 18 trillion light years away and the baby reverts to normal. No harm done! 

We close on this shot that screams NINETEEN EIGHTIES with every pixel. Alien Dad is explaining the physics of how Evie's half-alien powers caused the baby to speak. Whatever you say Dad!

Final Fun Fact: "Out of This World" also had a great theme song- a variation on "Swinging on a Star" that probably ties the 'stopping time with fingertips' thing as the most memorable aspect of this fun show that I loved in my long ago youth! See that theme song HERE!

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