Saturday, August 3, 2013

"The Muppet Show" Season 4, Episode 17. My Take

Yes, this 1980 "Muppet Show" (on youtube HERE, but NOT on DVD!) featured the Stars of "Star Wars"! Don't hold your breath for Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, or Yoda, but we do get Mark Hamill, C3PO, and R2D2. They've busted into the Muppets' studio in search of Chewbacca of all things! 

The invasion from a galaxy far, far away is okay with Kermit. This scotsman (who gargles Gershwin) was set to host, but Kermit feels the "Star" stars might be better for ratings. But that's not all . . . 

There was also this non-"Star Wars" song about sheep. This reminds us that variety shows really meant variety back then. It was not an empty threat! 

R2 and C3 robot around backstage filling in Kermit on their mission. 

Fozzie freaks and accuses Luke Skywalker of being none other than famous movie star Mark Hamill! Skywalker then does one of those famous Skywalker things and runs out the door, only to find the doorway immediately filled with Skywalker's purported "cousin" Mark Hamill! 

Looks like Fozzie is buying it to me, but Kermit appears skeptical. I guess Kermit was the producer and he had to worry about things like Mark Hamill's singing voice. His audience was expecting 'sheep song' level entertainment here! 

Marks sings and the whole world applauds. To paraphrase what the farmer said to Babe in "Babe," "That'll do, Mark Hamill. That'll do."

Scooter then sang a song with some ghost-Muppets about singing while on a set that looks like his bedroom. It was kind of sad like everything Scooter does and/or says. Poor Scooter! 

I love all Muppets, but I've gotta say FINALLY a pig snout! It's the space ship known for warring in the stratosphere known as Swine Trek! Pigs are usually found in Space but today the "Star Wars" Stars having taken command of the ship. 

Here C3PO just remarked on how the ship looks like a PIG STY. R2D2 was heard to reply, "Bleep Boop Bloop Bloop."

Miss Piggy spied this new "crew" and assessed the opportunity for what it was: a great opportunity for a wardrobe change! 

Miss Piggy quickly returns dressed with a familiar-looking cinnamon bun hairdo! She's also gotten "Star Wars" fever and suddenly has the hots for Luke. 

Here she delivers one of those patented "Miss Piggy Threats." 

Lest we forget the "Wars" that comes after "Star," a villain appears on the horizon! 

The gang lands on a rocky red planet and just when all is lost . . . 

Who, but Chewbacca should come out of hiding/being kidnapped/whatever at that moment??

And as for Dearth Nadir? He just wanted the name of Skywalker's tailor! And isn't that what we all want, deep inside?

Chewbacca may or may not have been into it, but it's the end of the show and Kermit came out to introduce a rousing musical finale that FORETOLD THE FUTURE

Chewie and R2 did a little dance. 

C3PO showed he may have metal feet, but he can still do a little soft shoe. 

Then Luke's cousin Mark came back out to lead everyone in . . . 

"When You Wish Upon a Star"!!!! The Muppets and the Stars of "Star Wars" sang the Oscar winning song from Disney's "Pinocchio"! 


Final Fun Fact: Mark Hamill and his cuz Luke both came back on stage with Kermit for the thank you's at the end. Behind them it looks like Frank N. Furter's castle is about to take off for Transexual, Transylvania UNLESS THAT'S THE PLANET THEY LANDED ON OMG.

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