Sunday, March 30, 2014

"Tales From the Darkside" Season 1, Episode 9. My Take

Meet Grandpa- he's got the titular "Case of the Stubborns" that makes for the plot of this 1984 episode of "Tales From the Darkside." If you don't recognize the actor playing stubborn old grandpa, it's Eddie Bracken who once famously gave Kevin McCallister a pair of turtle dove Christmas ornaments, when Kev was Lost in New York. 

Anyway, the real star power is on display here in the form of fifteen year old Christian Slater! I love how these old anthology shows are always so star studded! That's one reason we need to bring them back, but that's just my take. 

Oh yeah, the story: Seems Grandpa died last night but the old coot is so damn stubborn he won't lay down and leave everyone else the hell alone! But wait, there's more, including a Star Trek superstar . . . 

Young master Slater tries to nudge Grandpa toward the great yonder, but he's old, dead, and as stuck in his "living" ways as ever! 

The family even brings in another huge star to try and help Grandpa move the hell on to Heaven: Reverend Data from Star Trek: TNG! 

Even the combined powers of young Brent Spiner and younger Christian Slater can't get Grandpa to listen. Perhaps they could have shown him a mirror so he could see that his body was decomposing at an incredible rate?

As a last resort, Christian Slater decides it's time to take off his necktie and do the unthinkable. 

He visits the whitest Voodoo priestess you've ever seen. 

**SPOILER ALERT**: The Voodoo Mama gives Christian Slater some pepper that causes Grandpa to sneeze his nose off (literally), which is the wake up call to eternal rest that he's been needing. Amen! 

Final Thought: Were they drinking beer or apple juice?

Also: This show is obviously on Youtube, and available for you to enjoy NOW! 

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