Sunday, March 30, 2014

"Goosebumps" Season 1, Episode 15. My Take

We're talking scary stuff today with "Goosebumps"! And how ironic is it (is it?) for a show called GOOSEbumps to feature none other than future Hollywood Superstar Ryan GOSLING!?!?

This history making episode involves young Ryan and a group of his pals finding a strange camera that takes photos that not only tell the future, but cause it to be bad

In this shot, Ryan is looking at a photo he took of his annoying friend right before he fell off a stair case! Funny thing was, the photo foretold it all! Hence Ryan's incredulity! (Friend not pictured due to his annoying aura) But wait, there's more . . . 

One might think of not taking any more pictures with such a demonic camera, but young 90's era Ryan Gosling was in Canada (right?), and what else did he have to do? Shop for more vests?

I forget why Ryan was peeved here- probably because of his dickish older brother kept calling him a "troll"- I mean can you imagine!?!??

Here's the big shot older brother in a pic taken by the demonic camera Ryan and his pals found. How dare he call Ryan a troll when I am pretty sure he's wearing SANDALS WITH SOCKS. 

At first Ryan was laughing at the photo of his idiot older brother. But then . . .

(In one of many nostril shots) Ryan is like, "Wait!?! Our car is going to be damaged!!?"

Ryan's freak is freaked when he finds out the car was damaged as the photo foretold! 

Then Ryan is questioned about the disappearance of his slightly less annoying friend! (Spoiler: It was the camera's fault).

Oh yeah, this is the weirdo inventor who created the demonic camera. 

Whew, this thing is heavily plotted- after many more twists and turns, Ryan and his reappeared, slightly less annoying friend attempt to return the camera to the super-freak who invented it. 

SPOILER ALERT: He tries to kill them but luckily some quick thinking saves the day and traps the weirdo in the camera until some bullies let him out right before the end credits roll. 

This show is available to stream via Netflix, but I couldn't find it on Youtube. 

Final Thought: At some point Ryan had a dream, but I forgot what it was about. 
I give this episode 3 out of 4 Demon Cameras. 

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