Saturday, May 24, 2014

"Beetlejuice" Season 4, Episode 1. My Take

Okay, so let's talk about the Beetlejuice animated series. Would a situation like this happen today: a kinda scary hit movie that has the F word in it is turned into a kid's cartoon show that runs for several seasons. Would it???

Anyway, I think this entire episode ("You're History") takes place entirely in the Netherworld. (Or Neitherworld, whichever it is). Lydia is nowhere to be seen! The show begins with this monster guy watching TV. (Satire?) I'd forgotten about him, but now I know I never will. He does have at least one eye because it popped out when he got super angry a few moments later. 

He was watching his favorite show: Netherworld's Funniest Fatalities (How does this not come on Tru TV?) and it was interrupted by who but Beetlejuice! You see he's flooding the airwaves with his own show! 

That's Beetlejuice laughing about it all. Beetlejuice was the original Honey Badger because he didn't give a shit. And yet, he's attempting to host a classy show with classy guests. Beetlejuice must be trolling for a Peabody Award. 

This "classy show" business isn't pleasing the head of the network however! All four of his computer monitor faces got angry when Beetlejuice began tanking in the ratings. 

Try as he might old Beetlejuice just wasn't pulling them (dead viewers) in- even when he went Krusty the Klown up there. 

God knows it wasn't for lack of trying: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice had guests like Lincoln AND Washington! 

AND Marie Antionette! 

Still, Beetlejuice's ratings sank to near Cliff and Kendall levels! 

But by pure chance, Beetlejuice struck gold! He learned that VIOLENCE is the key to TV ratings! Once he began featuring stunts like throwing a ham to Elvis and King Henry VIII (that's them above) and watching them fight viciously over who could stuff it into their faces first, Beetlejuice's show became a ratings bonanza! 

Listen: Then Beetlejuice started comparing Lincoln and Washington's "Monument Size." After the shock of that wore off, I dozed off and didn't quite make it to the end of the show. I think zany things involving dead rulers (and Elvis) continued and then I came on the show and did it with Jake Gyllenhaal while Zac Efron stood naked in the corner licking Cool Whip from his fingers. That last part may have been a dream. 

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