Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is Netflix Ruining Your Life?

I remember the old days- when I'd spend the summer riding my bike to the old video store at sunset. I'd load up and rent 5 old vhs movies (from the middle of the store- new releases were excluded) for $5 and head home for days of entertainment!!

Okay- I never rode my bike. I was too bloated from Little Debbie cakes. But I did rent lots of non-new movies for cheap and hole up in my bedroom and see if they were worth the buck I'd spent to rent them. Nowadays- we computer types have Netflix streaming- where you can watch so many movies and full series runs of TV shows that someone coined the phrase "Netflix Streaming Syndrome."

Symptoms include:

Insomnia brought on by watching every episode of a compelling series in a row at the expense of getting a good night's sleep.

Anti-social behavior as a result of staying in and making it a "Netflix night" rather than going out in public and seeing other human beings.

Blackouts induced by spending an entire day watching movies back-to-back.

I haven't lost my job from it or anything- but I am currently in the middle of season 4 of "The Larry Sanders Show" and I do really want to get home to watch more!! Does that count? Do I have a light case of Netflix Streaming Syndrome? Is my NSS only offset by my concurrent addiction to Hulu? Speaking of- before I watch more Larry tonight- I have to watch last night's "Glee" (catch the first season streaming on Netflix!) Read more about the (currently fictional) NSS HERE!

Boy, things are different from 200 million years ago when I was a kid!

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