Thursday, April 28, 2011


When you were a 7 year old boy, didn't you just LOVE "Jem"??!?!? I did!! Jem and the Holograms, the evil Misfits, earrings that transformed you into a rock star, purple hair- all the necessary ingredients for a young boy's favorite show!!

For some reason my parents made me stop watching it! They said it was because one of the characters threatened suicide. Perhaps it was because I should have been watching G.I. Joe? Who knows!! I did watch the loin-cloth loving He-Man though!

ANYWAY- "Jem" is coming to the cable network Hub on May 31st! Do you have Hub? It's a channel way out on the outskirts of town. Kind of a quasi-Nick at Nite. They also air "Family Ties" and "Batman" from the 60's (another tights-wearing show I loved at that age).


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