Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's 4/20 Somewhere, Right?

Subtitle this post: Stars Cliff and Kendall Should Get to Know! Just kidding, as Mr. Snodbottom just reminded me, Cliff and Kendall would never advocate illegal drug use, but it is the counter-culture "holiday" known as 4/20 which "celebrates" weed smokage.

So if you're aware, stoned, or "high" as Woody Harrelson might say, you may want to click HERE to read all about the Hollywood heavy hitters that heavily hit the bong now and then. Some surprises are in there! For one, look at Brad and Jen down there- don't they look happy? Know why? They're high as two hot and sexy kites!!

More surpisingly tokey celebs (or at least those who have admitted to passing a j "in the past": Natalie Portman, Whoopi, my high school heart-throb Justin Timberlake, and (!!!!) the lady herself, Ms. Barbra Streisand! In fact, in the 60's when she was a twenty something playing Vegas, she'd often light up on stage and share with the band. No doubt this was to calm her infamous "stage jitters."

Well, whether you've got stage fright or are just really in the mood to enjoy this week's Cliff and Kendall episode (seriously, my assistant Tyler says he can only listen to the show aware!)- you may as well toke up! It's 365 days until the next 4/20!

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