Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Look What's on DVD!

Oh Ted- I'm still in love with you!! "Hey Dude" the Nickelodeon show that ran in my youth (and your's?) is finally coming to DVD!

What happened to the days when kids were entertained by an ethnically diverse group of teens working on a dude ranch? These days it's all superstar tweens hiding in plain sight and seizure cartoons! Don't they see how dreamy Ted was?

If you're not in it for Ted (I don't understand you), but you might like the fact that it also stars Marcia Brady from the Brady movies and some butch gal who must have been related to Jo from "The Facts of Life." Oh! And a real live Native American! (He provided the ethnic diversity). At least this is what I can recall from my days as an 8 year old hopped up on Little Debbies watching Nickelodeon. Don't quote me!

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