Thursday, April 28, 2011

Perfect for Parties!

So yes, this exists! Someone's prayers have been answered with: Cupcake Vodka! Flavors like Devil's Food, Lemon Chiffon, and FROSTING can now get you drunk!

I wonder if we can get some over-nighted for the BIG WEDDING tomorrow? I think Mrs. Potterbutter Butterchurn would like it if it were cupcake flavored! Oh well- it sounds more appropriate for birthdays anyway.

The only question that remains is: How do I change myself from HUGE FAT SLOB into an XXS Zac Efron-style beach runner? (Notice in the photo above, that Zac actually weighs so little, that he can skip himself over the water like a stone!) How can I transform my blob, er excuse me- my bod, when they keep inventing things that will not only get me fat, but drunk as well?

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