Friday, April 1, 2011

Zac's April Fools Day Joke

AHAHAHHA! (that's me laughing).

Zac wants us to think he eats! In an elaborately staged prank, Zac Efron allowed himself to be photographed court-side at a basketball game, appearing to eat!! Good one, Zac! But we all know you spend 25 hours a day in the gym.

There are so many things wrong with the photo. First of all, who eats something with a fork at a basketball game? Unless he smuggled in a nice wedge salad- I ain't buyin' it! And just look at his fellow pranksman. The guy beside him is clearly thinking, "America will never fall for an April Fools Day prank this flimsy! Skinny, hot people eating? I don't think so!" It would be like posting a picture of Cliff and Kendall pumping iron! Oh, dammit! That would have been a perfect prank!

Better luck next April 1st, Zac!

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