Sunday, September 29, 2013

Homemade Halloween Candles Martha BOO-wart Would Love!

Finally an internet tutorial on how to make blood-splatter Halloween candles even Dexter himself would be proud of! (Spoiler Alert: On the final episode of "Dexter" the titular character changes his name and moves to a cabin in the middle of nowhere in New Hampshire and begins a mail-order blood-splatter Halloween candle business).

Just take regular white candles (or whatever color you have- these taper candles were in a box that had Christmas holly on the front! I wish I hadn't thrown it away so I had proof!)- and light a couple red tea light candles. Once the tea lights have been lit long enough all the red wax will be liquid. I wore a mitten to handle the still hot red tea lights and then slopped the hot red wax all over the plain white candles. 

The process was sloppy and at first I slopped hot wax all over the deck. 


Then I thought, "Why not slop hot wax all over the back of the mat instead of the deck itself?"

And as God as my witness, no one will ever know!!!! (Provided this mat is never moved to reveal the dark secret it hides beneath).

Now your Halloween is bloodier looking than it was a few minutes ago. 

Let me know if your Halloween candles remind you of these things in Long Island City like mine do. 

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