Sunday, December 15, 2013

Proposed New Tradition: "Designing Women" at Christmas

I'm suggesting that every family add one new Christmas tradition this year, and IT MUST BE THIS ONE! Here's why: 

For no reason other than Holiday Cheer Itself, I chose to dial up a "Designing Women" Christmas episode on the old Youtube. (Links: Part One  Part Two) At first I merely admired the great volume of holiday decor at the Sugarbaker Design Firm. Then I felt kinship with the huge fat pig Suzanne had been given by her maid for Christmas. 

But Wait- There's More!!!

There's a great subplot involving multiple Santas to be had! One of the Santas even robs the whole cast of the their gifts! 

The show concludes with an old fashioned sing along party!! This is a MUST for all those screenwriters who probably read this blog- If you write a Christmas Show without a sing along- you've done your job wrong- simple AS THAT! 

Then Charlene of course makes a speech (which I WILL NOT recap) that makes me cry, and then: 

They show childhood Christmas photos of the stars!! Weeping in the Kitchen!! 

Wept all up in my NOG! 

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