Friday, May 13, 2011

Two and a Half NO

While I freely admit that no show is for everyone, and "To each his own!" I have to admit that I've seen one and a half "Two and a Half Men" episodes and they were some of the worst television I've ever seen. The show's a great example of why traditional 3 camera/laugh track sitcoms should be retired for a good long while.

There's just this eerie, icky feeling you get when you hear studio laughter poured over "jokes" that probably never made any live human being grin, let alone laugh. And this is coming from someone who loves many old sitcoms, and who reveres television history roughly the same way Tom Brokaw reveres the WW2 generation.

All this is to say that reportedly Ashton Kutcher is going to be replacing Charlie Sheen next season on "Two and a Half Men." Now, I do realize that Ashton Kutcher is a beautiful, beautiful man. I guess he could bring in somewhat younger viewers. I just don't know why they can't let the show die.

I suppose it is still very popular (though I've honestly never spoken to someone under 70 that watches it) and there's still money to be made. Also, it's not like it ever had any "good years" and so even if they somehow made the show worse (is that possible?) there are really no great memories of the show to ruin. (Unlike "The Office.")

In closing, Ashton Kutcher is hot and I hate "Two and a Half Men." I'm not sure I had any other points.

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