Monday, May 2, 2011

One More (G-String) for the Road

Oscar winning filmmaker Stephen Soderbegh is retiring! Yes, that means no more gritty dramas like "Traffic" or any more movies like all those other unforgettable ones he's made.


Thankfully, he's got a few more irons in the fire before he hangs up his puffy directing vest for good! And rest assured one of the last tales he's set to tackle is a "semi-autobiographical" story by former stripper Channing Tatum! In my future favorite movie, Channing's veteran stripper will take another younger stripper under his chiseled wing and teach him how to be the male-stripper he's always dreamed of being!

Or something! At any rate, I am really trying to think of the proper choice to portray the fledgling clothes-taker-offer. What young Hollywood star has the dance moves, the pole grasping ability, and less than 0% body fat? C'mon Tinseltown- you must have someone!

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